El Pegajoso: Issue One

El Pegajoso is a new, Miami-influenced periodical developed to generate visual works that showcase an offbeat recollection of our community. As part of its release, artists were invited to submit works based around a specific theme. The first installment features creative works from artists — both local and remote — relating to the topic of South Florida Sports History.

Featuring Works By:

Brian Butler, Tatiana Suarez, Natali Martinez, Atomik, Mike del Marmol, Darrin Crescenzi, Travis Barteaux, Robb Harskamp, Andres Foldvari, Benjamin Clark, Nelson Wallace, Matthew Hollister, Cushy Gigs, Eduardo Santiesteban, Raymond Gems Adrian, Abstrk, E.F. Angel, Kevin Corrales, Colin Matsui, Jerry Morris, Baghead, Daniel Fila